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Qingdao Xingyi Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd (, we are committed to the research, production and service of incubation and breeding equipment. We also focus on hatchery and breeding farm design, support and implementation. After the development over 30 years, the company has become the main supplier for breeding equipment and project.
Ever since launching the first EI incubator in 1984, the research field has been continuously expanded under customers' support and efforts from all employees. The product system has been greatly improved, and products have covered most parts in breeding chain. The company not only provides hatching equipment, automation equipment, poultry house climate control equipment, floor and cage breeding equipment, pig farm climate control equipment, air filtration system and project, but also provides customers with overall solutions and turnkey projects for modern hatchery and breeding farm.


Address: EI Electronic Industrial Park, No. 2027, Tuanjie Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Tel: +86-532-86881409

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