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How can air filtration system help pig farm under current situation

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In 2018, the outbreak of swine fever in Africa has brought a heavy blow to China's pig industry. In December 2019, the coronavirus swept in again, and the products could not be shipped out, and domestic pig industry suffered a heavy blow as well.

Swine fever and coronavirus are two different types of virus, but the virus spread and transmission are similar. According to recent studies, touching is the main way of swine fever transmission, but it may spread through other ways. While the coronavirus spreads via droplets and touching, other ways still need to be considered. In the face of two kinds of viruses, although there are no vaccines and drugs to cure people, it is very important to strengthen personal self-protection, strengthen the construction of biosafety system and block the transmission path. For large-scale pig farms, air filtration and fresh air system are known as better ways to physically isolate viruses, which have been applied by more and more enterprises.

The air filtration system provides N95 mask to pigs

The research illustrates that the air filtration system can significantly cut off the air transmission of the virus among pigs. According to the study from the University of Minnesota in the United States, the integrated air filter system can avoid PPPS and asthma. The air filtration system can filter more than 95% of 0.5 μ m particles through the combination of a variety of filters, and effectively prevent the virus from entering the pig house through air transmission.

EI air filtration system generally includes outer filter screen, primary filter, sub high efficiency filter, ceiling filter and anti return air bag. Blocking particles or biological aerosols ≥ 0.5 μ m in the air and effective filtration efficiency ≥ 95% can prevent pathogens such as PPPS, swine flu and African swine fever. It seems like to provide a N95 protective mask to pigs to ensure the healthy breath in the pig house.

According to the continuous prevention in the past two years, pigs in farms with air filtration system are less infected African swine fever.

G4 plate type primary filter                  Sub-high efficiency particulate air filter

Positive pressure fresh air system to avoid virus transmission in pig farms

The double circulation positive pressure fresh air system is an important part of the air filtration system in the pig farm. The purpose is to ensure that the workers in the pig farm will not carry the virus, and to prevent the workers from spreading the virus to the pigs. As an important facility for air purification and personnel safety, fresh air system plays an irreplaceable role in epidemic prevention and control.

The fresh air system is to purify the air, so that the fresh air can be sent to the human activity area, and the waste gas can be exhausted. Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals adopts advanced technologies and equipment, which became the focus of Chinese people's attention during coronavirus prevention. The fresh air system in hospitals adopts the negative pressure ventilation mode - the air pressure in the ward is lower than outside the ward, and the air flow in the hospital can only flow in one direction from clean to dirty. The polluted air in the ward will not be discharged directly, but will be collected to Local Scrubber through the specific pipeline, and then be discharged to the high altitude after being filtered and disinfected. The negative pressure ward is like a closed space isolated by a large "Mask". The place outside the ward is very safe and will not be polluted, which greatly reduces the risk of infection and protects the medical staff in the office area.

The double circulation positive pressure fresh air system of pig farm is different from the negative pressure fresh air system of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan in Wuhan. The positive pressure air supply mode makes the air pressure in the staff room and function room higher than that out of doors, so that the dirty air out of doors cannot enter the indoor. That is to say, the air entering the staff room and the function room passes through the built-in F4 coarse efficiency + F9 sub high efficiency filter to intercept the virus on the filter, and the filtered fresh air can be brought into the room by the fan to avoid the virus attacking the staff and pigs. According to the actual filtering requirements, the fresh air ventilator of EI pig farm has built-in 4-fold filtering system: primary filter screen, medium efficiency filter screen, catalytic activated carbon filter screen and high-efficiency HEPA filter screen. The average filtering efficiency of 0.5um particles can reach 95%, effectively protecting people and pigs from the threat of virus.

At present, EI Electronics has established a professional air filtration system for more than 100,000 sows, and provides protective masks for them. In the face of swine fever, coronavirus, as well as PPPS and swine flu and other viruses that seriously affect the health of pigs, we hope that more enterprises can pay attention to air filtration and fresh air system in the bio-safety system.


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